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About Us

We have  lived at Bartaggart Farm since 2009. We live in the cottage, so are always around to make sure you are happy and comfortable.​We have lots of wild life barn owls,red kites,sparrow hawks,buzzards and lots of little birds plus red squirrels and wood peckers . 
Are driveway is about half a mile long which is good for walking your dogs without having to go near traffic. It's a quiet place to stay in the countryside . 
We where Awarded in the top percentage of cottages for the year with  great feed back and reviews and are still in it 3 years running with the certificates mounted in the cottages Dog field with 6 foot fencing all round it.

Dog Exercice Field

We have a high fenced enclosed dog walking field great for letting your dog off and having a run around. 

dog field entrance.jpg
dog field.jpg
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